JSR GROUP SUNCITY Sun city maintains uniqueness approach of getting along with real estate business in a socially responsible fashion, supported by thousands of satisfied customers both national and international level. JSR GROUP SUNCITY strives to make it simply a gold mine for the investors and an ultimate destination for them to materialize their dreams of ideal life style. JSR GROUP SUNCITY SUNCITY cherish a vision of PROVIDING every Indian an opportunity to own a property.

JSR GROUP SUNCITY Sun city Strength, credibility lives in transparency of its dealing across business and synergy between both national, international and external teams inclusive of architecture, engineering, administration, marketing and law.

JSR GROUP SUNCITY SUNCITY perpetuate the relationship with its esteemed customers by means of dedicated trustworthy service in providing their dream residential plots/villas with the best appreciation and exact to their expectations.

Founder-Chairman & Managing Director


Dr. JADAPALLI NARAYANA a REALTOR – Founder Chairman and Managing Director of JSR GROUP SUNCITY SUNICTY. Since 3 decades he is the promoter and creator of many ventures in TELANGANA STATE. Dr. Jadapalli Narayana with his simplicity, hard work, dedication and sincerity has started his career with marketing in Real Estate Industry and completed number of successful prestigious ventures which include various residential projects in and surround Hyderabad.

Dr. Jadapalli Narayana believes in quality service and value for money. Dr. Jadapalli Narayana not only showcased the many goldmines to his beloved customers with his meticulous planning and strategy and won the heart of the thousands of the customers but also helped so many Cultural Associations to safe guard our Indian culture and got the Honourable name such as KALAMITRA, SANGHAMITRA. He has initiated social activities and distributed utensils and uniforms to the government school students, sponsors the free drinking water in summer in remote areas, contributing towards the marriages of lower grade category people, Donating to the Government departments for betterment of society, launched welfare society for his Associates staff by name JSR GROUP SUNCITYS SUNICTY WELFARE FOUNDATION and much more. Who believes and depends on him he will hold them and provides the shelter.

Dr. Jadapalli Narayana got the INDIAN ACHIEVERS AWARDS (Real Estate and Infrastructure) in 35 th National Seminar, New Delhi towards his corporate and social responsibility. Recognizing his services towards his country and the way of managing business he has got the Honourable Degree of Doctor of Honours in Colombo, Srilanka, National Sadbhavana Award from Nepal government Nelson Mandela Peaceful International award in Malaysia and recently got SWACHH BHARATH AWARD from SHRI.RAJNATH SINGH JI , Hon’ble Minister for Home Affairs, Govt of India. He is in his pathway and working very hard and sincerely with a sole destination that

customers by means of dedicated trustworthy service in providing their dream residential plots/villas with the best appreciation and exact to their expectations.


The projects of JSR GROUP SUNCITY had developed in the vicinity of the Hyderabad. Dr. Jadapalli Narayana Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of JSR GROUP SUNCITY SUNCITY personally involve himself in every activity in the planning and the execution. The growth of JSR GROUP SUNCITY has gone up unabated within a span of 15yrs with thousands of satisfied customers across the globe. The trust of the customers made JSR GROUP SUNCITY to scale new heights in the real estate trades. JSR GROUP SUNCITY has chosen this fascinating city of Hyderabad for providing world class living facilities to its clientele with thousands of delighted customers from its previous ventures.

JSR GROUP SUNCITY always go for flawlessness while selecting the site the SUN CITY, SUN CITY GOLD, SUN CITY GOLD-2, SUNCITY PALTINUM, SUN CITY EMERALD, SUNCITY MARS, SUNCITY GAARNNET and SUNCITY SAPHIER are located at sorroundings of Yadagirigutta (Yadadri) Sri Lakshmi NarasimhaSwamy Temple known as the Telangana Tirupathi (Hyd to Warangal N.H.163), with a vision that the Wangapally has been growing as the Pilgrim Hub and in future it will be the Telangana biggest PILIGRIM HUB. Yearly Crores of people visits this holy place and crores of Rupees generates their but there is no minimum facility is provided to above the ground people and they face the problem during their holistic trip. . With prophecy the JSR GROUP SUNCITY has launched its ventures near about 1000 Acers in the vicinity of the National Highway 163 from the Hyderabad to Warangal and near to SRI LAKSHMI NARASIMHA SWAMY Temple, Yadagirigutta well known as Telangana Tirupati. The all ventures are approved by the governments with all amenities and developments such as ready to leave. The ventures of JSR GROUP SUNCITY SUNCITY’s are reachable for the all class of people.


JSR GRoup Suncity is committed to conducting its business in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations and the highest standards of business ethics and ethical conduct The philosophy of the Company in relation to corporate governance is to ensure transparency in all its operations, make disclosures, and enhance shareholder value without compromising in any way on compliance with the laws and regulations.

customers by means of dedicated trustworthy service in providing their dream residential plots/villas with the best appreciation and exact to their expectations.